Christacular Natastic Video Show!

I can’t really describe this.  But if you guess right you get the greatest prize ever, at least according to the guys.  Cheesy, it is.  The video, I mean.


I have got to get this camera.

This is some sort of miracle camera.  Apparently, the things it can do cannot be done by any mortal means.  How much would you pay for this?  I guess, the better question is how much would you pay for real magic?

Chevrolet Chase.

A quick video of Chevy Chase’s old talk show from the ’90’s.  I saw on Tripp’s blog the other day that he had Chevy listed as one his 10 most inspiring comedians of all time.  You can’t beat Fletch, but you can beat this.


If there has been one constant music in the background of my life, it would be U2.  Unfortunately, I can spout facts and trivia about them endlessly.  I have seen them on multiple tours, and am going again in October.  Serious fan.

So, needless to say, a rendition of the song “One” at a corporate meeting celebrating the merging of MBNA into Bank of America might not go over all that well with me.  But it works.  The lead singer hits just the right notes, and I love the way the crowd gets involved at the end.  Thank you very much.  

And remember, I give you this first video to give you the second video.

The Second.  David Cross, not necessarily the nicest guy, but this is spot on

Something you don’t want to see.

You are in a plane preparing to take off.  Wham!  You look out to the wing, and this is what you see.










Yes, that is a baggage carrier.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hey Mom, I hope you have a great day! I Love you.


5 Things that annoy me.

Another list. This time, I am going to reveal the inside story on my pet peeves. Well, maybe not the inside story, that is way too personal. I probably don’t even know you that well. For all I know, you are some guy in Idaho who did a random google search on “hammer pants” and got this blog.

1. Drug suspensions in sports. Thanks, Manny Ramirez. Your believable explanation yesterday about getting busted was that you had a health issue and your doctor subscribed HcG, which you didn’t know was banned. HcG? Really? It is a women’s fertility drug. I guess if you need this, Manny, a 50 game suspension is not that big of deal. One day, when a player gets caught, be a man. Say, “I did it. It was a mistake. But I was trying to get a $20 million dollar a year contract.” That is at least intellectually honest.

2. Electronics or software that does not work correctly. Man, don’t be around me when that wireless network suddenly decides not to work.

3. Any Disney television product. Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, all the rest of that bunch. I am officially getting old, because I am sure that I loved stuff like that when I was younger, like when I was 34.

4. Traffic. One of the many benefits in moving to South Carolina was the lack of traffic. Every time we head back to Atlanta to visit, I can feel traffic tension building as we pass by Chateau Elan.

5. This bird.

Annoying Bird